Our Investment Philosophy

We understand every client’s ambitions and circumstances are individual, so we don’t believe in taking a one-size-fits-all approach to helping them. Our investment philosophy starts with you, we recognise that you have your own specific objectives and requirements when it comes to investing your money.

Our Philosophy

Our ‘Investment Matrix’ benefits from a high level of experienced oversight, regular review and due diligence, to give you peace of mind and your financial planner the flexibility to focus on what’s important, providing a plan to best help you achieve your financial goals.

All the investing solutions we recommend are underpinned by four core beliefs:

  • Asset allocation: Embracing years of academic research, each of our chosen solutions invests in a broad range of assets, while offering a different balance between risk and reward. Meaning our chosen solutions progress from low-risk, low-reward ones that favour more cautious wealth preservation, to higher-risk, higher-reward solutions that offer the potential for greater levels of capital growth.

  • Long term investing: This has many benefits. It gives your money more time to grow, and means you’re better positioned to ride out the inevitable fluctuations that come with investing.

  • Diversification: Simply put, this means investing your money in a way that reduces the impact of any market ups and downs, by spreading your risk across asset classes, geography, sector and even fund management style, providing you with a truly diversified portfolio.

  • We do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach: At Succession Wealth, we remain adaptable and will recommend the most appropriate solution for you based on what we know about you.

We are proud to offer independent financial advice, and our investment matrix reflects this. All the investment solutions we recommend are suggested based on understanding your personal investment goals. In the eventuality that we identify you have an need not satisfied by our matrix solution we will review the whole of the market as we will only ever recommend what is appropriate for you.

Our Process

Starts with you, we will start by taking time to understand you, your investment aspirations and risk tolerance.

Your investment goals

We will ensure that we truly understand what you want to achieve through your investments.

Through conversation and taking time to listen and understand we will document your financial aspirations which will be at the centre of your unique financial plan.

  • Are you hoping to grow and secure your hard-earned money?

  • Are you building funds for a nest egg, or a specific aim?

  • Are you prepared to invest over a longer term with the aim of achieving higher returns?

  • Are you looking to create an income from your assets?

  • Are you building a legacy for your loved ones?

Additionally, we will seek to understand your preferences, thoughts and feelings in respect of sustainable investment solutions. For example; whether it is a priority for you to have your money invested in solutions which consider influences on wider Environmental, Social and Governance principles.

Your risk profile

To establish your risk profile, we will work with you to understand:

  • Your attitude towards risk (this may be measured using an online tool)

  • Your capacity for loss (how much you can afford to lose)

  • Your requirement for risk (how long can you invest for, and how much do you need your investments to grow)

Having this conversation will allow us to understand your risk profile, and how this will impact the selection of investment strategies.

Working together

Your Wealth Planner will then make full recommendations to you, in writing, as well as in person, around how best to put your money to work to achieve your financial ambitions. Our recommendations will include an investment solution, and an appropriate platform, if necessary.

Backed by experts

Our activities are overseen by internal and external investment professionals along with independent risk and research specialists, Rayner Spencer Mills Research. Together they ensure appropriate levels of oversight, control and expertise of our investment approach and framework.

Ongoing services

To ensure your financial plan keeps pace with any changes in your life and the world around you, we remain in regular contact with you. Our regular reviews are a chance for you to tell us about any changes to your circumstances or aspirations. They are also an important opportunity for us to update you on how well your financial arrangements are working for you. Ongoing services are chargeable and can be cancelled at any time.

We are proud to offer independent financial advice, and our investment matrix reflects this. All the investment solutions we recommend are suggested based on understanding your personal investment goals.

Please note: The value of your investment(s) and the income derived from it, can go down as well as up and you may not get back the full amount you invested.

Investment Matrix

We are proud of our Investment Matrix which we have developed to provide a progressive investment proposition, focused on providing solutions which, as a result of our governance, regular review, and due diligence, gives you peace of mind that your money has sufficient oversight.

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Model Portfolio Solutions

Our Model Portfolio Solutions are an excellent way of accessing a truly diversified investment strategy, tailored to the assumptions that underpin your financial plan.

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Succession Investment Platform

In addition to finding the right investment solution we will also consider which investment platform is the most appropriate for you, if required. We will consider our own Succession Platform which achieves both convenient access for you as a client and unbiased access to more than 4,000 fund options.

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Investment Literature

Our Guide to Investing

Succession Wealth

Through our qualified expert Wealth Planners, we’re able to offer independent advice and recommend solutions and investments to you from the whole of the market, without having to compromise.

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Cashflow Modelling

Cashflow modelling is a forecasting tool that provides an estimated projection of future assets and investments and is available for Wealth Planners to use as part of your financial planning process. It’s a way of visualising how different choices and scenarios can affect your future financial position.

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